HOW Design Conference

Typography, Graphic Design, Photoshop

The HOW Design Conference Posters were a project to design a custom poster for the conference. This was one of my class projects. The specs were to design a poster with all typography and a 3 color scheme. I decided to do four different posters.

My Custom Dunny


This project was all about Shapes. I decided to make a custom Dunny with all cut out shapes. The shapes were then placed to make a design or pattern. After the project I received TOGO MONROE by ILOVEDUST.

Stand Tall Go Ham


The Stand Tall photo was an experimental photography project. I used a Kidrobot Flying Fortess toy as my subject with a background from Computer Arts to give it a fun environment. It came out really cool which made me happy.

Sharpie Owl

Drawing, Illustration, Sharpie

I got the inspiration from a print I saw on Hydro74. I then deceided that I wanted to draw a this picture and use a Sharpie marker for the whole project. The process of drawing was about an hour and coloring with the sharpie took 2 hours. Here is the process and the finished project.

Chuckboy Dunny

Drawing, Illustration, Aryclic Paint

This painting was the first I've done on wood and with aryclic paint. I wanted to try something new and wanted to paint the dunny. This project was just for fun and to challenge myself with this drawing.

Bobcat Scanner Darkly

Illustration, Vector

This was an assignment done in Adobe Illustrator in the style of the movie Scanner Darkly. We were to choose a picture of a person or animal. I choose to pick the Bobcat and challenge myself with a difficult project. This was the first one that I've tried.

Paradise through "my" Eyes

Mixed Media, Drawing, Illustration

This is a oldie, but a goodie. This was a final project for my 2D Drawing class. I drew the image scanned it and illustrated the image. I then added in a background and an Obey print on the bandana.

Garuda Bird


Watercolor, Drawing, Illustration

This was one of my favorite projects that I have done. The picture is of Garuda, he is a mythical folk tale creature. I got the inspiration from a picture I found on the internet. In honor of Cambodian New Year I deceided to draw this. It took me 72 hours of drawing, and two weeks of painting. The picture was also in the Student Art show at my school.

Ganesh God

Watercolor, Drawing, Illustration

This painting is the second painting in the series of a triptych I am currently working on. I got the inspiration from a photo I found on google. It was a photo of a custom tattoo. I sketched the image and changed a lot of the detailing to make the drawing my own. The process of the drawing was a 2-day process and a total of 12 hours of drawing.